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What we do

First Serve hires, equips and trains outstanding high school students to mentor children in their own community. This innovative model provides 924 hours per year of positive, authentic and intentional interaction between mentors and mentees.

How we do it

First Serve is an efficient organization that takes advantage of existing resources by partnering with community-based organizations, such as churches, community centers, public schools, law enforcement agencies and other groups that share our core values. Governed by an independent Board of Directors, the CEO and staff oversee our locations and directly work with the mentors by hiring, training, and equipping them to succeed independently in order to make the locations self-sustaining. The mentors use this experience to engage with our elementary and middle school students through our programs. These programs allow us to engage with the students through a myriad of activities and instruction, including self-discovery, homework help, life skills, general hygiene, sports, crafts, financial literacy, field trips, community service, college counseling, scholarships and networking opportunities.

why we do it

At First Serve, we desire to impart authentic and lasting change, which can only come from empowerment. It takes time, care and genuine relationships to inspire the true change that can only be created from a shift in paradigm. Poverty is not a resource problem, it’s an idea problem. We want to heal broken communities and believe that the best way to do this is through the rising generation of children and teenagers. We engage, educate, and empower these students in order to improve their lives and allow them to understand that they are not limited to their circumstances.