The enneagram


The word Enneagram comes from the combination of Greek words meaning “Nine” and “Written”. It is a nine pointed model that works as a map of the human personality with it’s emphasis is on motivation and perspective. 

The world is made up of all kinds of interesting and unique people with differing experiences, challenges, temperaments and perspectives; often, one piece of advice does not apply well to all people or in all circumstances. We know this at First Serve and as such, we take interest in each individual. One of the ways we seek to impact our Mentors is through use of a tool called The Enneagram. The Enneagram is an extensive and dynamic system of understanding the human personality. What makes it unique from other personality models is that it places the focus on motivation and not behavior. It is a tool that can help us to better understand our core beliefs and avoidances, as well as our thought patterns and what habitually captures our attention. True change comes from the change that is made in our perspectives; by encouraging our students to ask “why?”, we are able to address the heart of the matter and subsequently form better habits. We have found this tool to be a huge asset in our teaching as it encourages our students to become more self-aware, compassionate and understanding of those around them, fostering healthy relationships both at school and at home and effectively communicating with others and growing as team.

-Sean Melton

Assistant Program Director