We're Not Your Typical Nonprofit

And we know that isn't typical to say

Since 1933, when the New Deal was passed, government and nonprofits have made a concerted effort to fight societal ills.  Although we succeeded in getting out of the Great Depression, many of those ills still exist today.  It could even be argued that some of those problems are worse today than they were in 1933.  


Untold, billions of dollars have been spent to fight poverty, crime and violence.  The results can be, at best, described as mixed.  


Nonprofits and government have failed to produce a long-lasting and effective solution.  This space desperately needs innovation and creativity, not more resources.  


At First Serve, we believe we have the model that creates true and lasting transformation.  By finding, creating, developing and empowering leaders, we are slowly but surely changing communities at the neighborhood level. Not by giving away resources but by creating  jobs.  We don’t create dependency, we create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.  A culture of dependency builds scarcity and scarcity kills creativity and entrepreneurship.


We are dedicated to building thriving communities in which all children have the education, awareness, skills and tools necessary to change their own lives.


If real, authentic and meaningful change in the lives of children matter to you, join us. We are First Serve.


hours of one-on-one time spent with each individual student every single year


mentors that are pouring into students while being equipped with leadership skills


students that continuously participate in our programs, receiving specialized attention and resources 


years of exceptional service to our community