With the success of our Tri-City Glades program, we were encouraged by the Palm Beach County School Board and the local school administration at Boynton Beach Community High School to launch our second First Serve PRISM (Preparing Responsible Intelligent Student Mentors) Program. This program will be the first to be based entirely at a public high school. It is an innovative model that is bringing meaningful transformation into the lives of our First Serve students. At this new Boynton Beach site, seniors mentor sophomores and juniors mentor freshmen. Twelve paid students are mentoring 24 mentees.

  The primary goal of each of our programs is to help each mentor and mentee identify their individual strengths and to work on their weaknesses. By becoming more mindful, or self-aware, they learn to navigate their inner and outer worlds from a more compassionate and empathetic perspective. As they begin to understand themselves their other team members, they begin to identify who and what they need in their lives to thrive. The result has been that our students are happier, healthier, more productive members of society.

Boynton Beach