A Letter From Our CEO

Welcome to our new website. As you can tell, First Serve is not your typical nonprofit. We do not exist to serve our donors and we do not exist to build buildings. 


We exist so that every child living in a disadvantaged environment has a hero to look up to. A leader who will illuminate the path to success. A mentor who will model all the values that we hold dear as a society.  Our teen mentors only come from the communities they serve. Whether it’s helping with homework, playing sports, doing arts and crafts or planting an organic garden, our teen mentors are changing their communities by doing the small things, right, everyday.  This is how you build community.


First Serve is innovative and leading the way to a new nonprofit model. We are changing how mentoring is done and even defined. Take a look at our new website, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you want to get involved with the life-changing work that the people of First Serve do every day. We are not your typical nonprofit. 

 As we continue to transform our communities, we are grateful for your support. 


Best regards,

Sonny Maken


First Serve 



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